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Live a Stress-Free & Healthy Life

How Does Stress Affects Nervous System Health:
  • Everyday stress causes misalignment in the spine called subluxations, which lead to disease due to inadequate function of the body.
  • Subluxations  cause an interference in the body's ability to function and heal: For optimal health, the body must be able to send messages from  the brain to the body via the spinal cord and nerves.
  • Chiropractic locate subluxations and correct them by performing a chiropractic adjustment, restoring nervous system integrity.
  • Regular spinal checkups by your chiropractor help to minimize the negative effects of stress and balance the stress that the body is under.

Long-Term Stress Leads to Disease:
  • Stress is not what happens to you; it's how you handle it.
  • Stress (chemical, physical, and emotional) is constant in everyone's every day.
  • Long-Term stress places wear and tear on the body, causing subluxations and cellular damage that lead to disease.

Manage Stress with Nutrition and Essential Oils
  • Long-Term stress depletes valuable nutrients from the human body, causing cellular damage and reproduction of more unhealthy cells.
  • Restore cellular health, and prevent the affects of stress. The health of your cells is directly correlated to the health you express.
  • Essential oils can cross cell membranes and begin cellular/DNA repair immediately.
  • The inclusion of a vitamin complex - minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids infused with essential oils  - is an important part of everyday wellness and disease prevention.

Essential Oils Enable Innate and Natural Healing from the Effects of Long-term Stress
Here are a few of the ailments we treat in the office and the coordinating oils that help aid in healing.

ADD/ADHD - Apply Focus Blend or Vetiver on upper lip, temples and along spine. A food allergy assessment are also recommended. Because behavior can have a lot to do with emotions - consider your emotional environment and apply Grounding Blend or Joyful Blend along heart, feet, spine, tummy and crown as needed. It's also helpful to diffuse.

Adrenal Fatigue - Apply Detoxification blend over adrenals as often as needed. Also consider B vitamins in your daily regimen.

Allergies - Consider an allergy shot blend we carry in the clinic.

Digestive Ailments - Consider a daily probiotic. You can try a digestive blend, peppermint, fennel, ginger or cinnamon. You can use the oils topically on your stomach, belly button and temporal lobes {be sure to dilute if the oil is considered hot}. One drop of Digestive blend under tongue can also be beneficial before and after meals.

Earache/Infection - Massage Melaleuca and lavender essential oil mixed with a carrier oil around ears 2-3 times a day. Apply Cleansing blend on cotton ball over ear overnight. Use a tension blend for relief of neck pain associated with earache, inflammation and pain.

Flu Virus -  Flu bomb blend. Oils can be applied to the bottom of the feet and along the spine with a carrier oil for added benefit 2 times a day. Diffusing a protective blend is also beneficial for airborne viruses. Consider Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C supplementation.

Headache - Apply Tension blend, soothing blend over temples. Use as often as needed for pain.

Infection, Viral - For viruses apply oregano, protective blend, frankincense, Melissa and/or black pepper.

Menstrual Cramps - Apply geranium, clary sage, and Women's Monthly Blend over the uterus as often as needed.

Sleep Assistance - Apply Grounding Blend on feet and Calming Blend on heart, earlobes and in cusp of ear

Essential oils can help with many other ailments. Stop in at the office and see how essential oils can help you!


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