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Healthy Grocery Shopping

Come Prepared:  Make a list, and only stray from it if the item is a healthy one. Also try to shop after you have eaten, and, if possible when you're in a calm stable mood. Hit the Walls:  Shop the perimeter. The fresh whole foods items are located along the outside whereas the more processed food are located it the aisles. Beware of "Innocent" Foods:  Supermarkets have a sneaky way of placing the caramel apple dip right next to the stack of juicy red apples. This is their way of enticing shoppers to think that these foods are linked together as "innocent by association" Choose Select Meats:  Choose select cuts, which are the leanest, most healthful, and most affordable meats you can find. Also ask the butcher to package the exact amount you need to help with portion control. Skip the Beverage Aisle:  More than 10 percent of the calories Americans consume com from a combination of soft drinks and juice, and food companies are making it easier

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Standard Process