How Stretching & Exercise Support Chiropractic Care

By: Julie Schmitt

 A Chiropractic adjustment aligns the spine and mobilizes the joints. Did you know that proper stretching and strengthening the supporting muscles helps to maintain that alignment?

Stretching lengthens the muscles and improves range of motion. If muscles are tight they can adversely pull on the skeletal structure and restrict the motion of the joints. With proper and consistent stretching the muscles learn to lengthen thereby taking stress off of the joints and increasing mobility.

To that, adding specific targeted exercises help strengthen the muscle giving the skeleton the strong, stable support it needs. If you built a shed with weak 2 x 4's for the walls the roof would bot have a good supporting base and things could start to buckle. The same is true for humans. We need a strong supporting structure to help keep us upright and mobile. Consistent strengthening builds the muscles and provides that stability and support.

At Long Chiropractic Center we work one on one with our patients teaching therapeutic stretching and exercises, and also provide them with an at home program. We believe the more tools we can give our patients to be proactive in their health, the better they will feel with a better quality of life.

Julie is certified in Chiropractic Rehabilitation Exercise and is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. In the clinic Julie works under the direction of Dr. Casey to guide patients on a stretching, strengthening and stabilization program. Julie also teacher a Gentle Yoga Class 2 mornings each week in Wittenberg! 


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