How to Stay Healthy While Christmas Shopping!

If you’re a Black Friday Shopper you’re well aware of how hard It can be on your body! Aching feet, legs, backs and shoulders from the long day of shopping. It can be no joke especially if you’re carrying all those heavy bags full of Christmas presents.  

Here are a few tips we have for you to keep you comfortable while you shop:

– Not all shopping bags are created equal. String and plastic handles can dig into your hands and shoulders. Some bags are too long or too short depending on your height. Bring your own bag that is more comfortable for you that you can transfer your items to after they are purchased.

– When you’ve made several purchases, distribute the bags between two hands rather than carrying them all on one side. Or try a comfortable handle that hooks around the handles of your shopping bags.

– Park in the first spot you find. Your chances of getting that perfect spot near the door are pretty slim at this time of year – save yourself the time and head straight to the back! The walk (at least the walk INTO the mall) will do you good!

– Minimize your own weight. If you don’t need your winter coat to get from the car to the mall, leave it in the car. Similarly, if you don’t need to carry your purse, why lug around the extra weight? If your car and the parking lot are “secure”, take extra trips to the car rather than carrying your purchases all day.

– Consider on-line shopping. If you shop on-line, try to do it “ergonomically” – sit in a supportive chair, try to get your monitor at eye level, your keyboard and mouse at elbow level, and support your feet on the floor or a footrest.

-- We know you'll be eating and drink as it's all part of the experience. Make sure you're staying hydrated with good old quality H2O. We know that those sugary coffee drinks are delicious, but try and cut down on some of the sugar. When going out to eat, make sure you fuel  yourself with a balanced meal. Make sure you get those veggies in too!

Happy Shopping! 


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