Product of the Month - LidoFlex

Product of the Month: LidoFlex

This month we're focusing on pain relief beyond the adjustment and in between adjustments. We know that with spring sports, spring cleaning, getting back outside, moving around, doing yard and home maintenance, aging joints etc... it can leave your body a little bit (or a lot) sore and life doesn't stop because you're in pain. 
In our office we now offer LidoFlex to help ease your pain and help live your life to the fullest with the least amount of pain possible during your treatment.
So, What is LidoFlex? 
"LidoFlex is the only over-the-counter/non-prescription pain patch that delivers Maximum Strength Lidocaine through the localized delivery of 4% Lidocaine. LidoFlex can provide up to 12-hours of pain relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with sprains, strains, and arthritis directly over the site of pain without the possible adverse effects of a prescription medication. LidoFlex’s form fitting and extremity specific shapes are designed to be worn during daily activities and are available for the knee, shoulder, neck, elbow, finger, heel and a universal flex strip for smaller areas."
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Currently in our office we're offering the larger back size LidoFlex patches, but they do offer other sizes such as: the flexstrip, knee, elbow, heel and shoulder. If this sounds like something that you or someone who know would benefit from these please don't hesitate to ask the next time you're in the office or give us a call!

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