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Coordination - It is the ability to use all body parts together to produce smooth and fluid motion.

Coordination is an important component in our ability to move safely, to perform the activities of daily living effectively and to enjoy recreational activities. Everyone can benefit from implementing coordination training into their daily exercise routine, especially those (but not limited to) adults fifty and older.

Benefits of Coordination Training:
  1. Help improve efficiency of movement 
  2. Improve overall body awareness during movement
  3. Decrease risk of injury
  4. Improve rehabilitation
  5. Improve posture
  6. Improve ability to perform recreational and competitive activities
  7. Improve ability to perform activities of daily living and therefore improve quality of life
  8. Make exercise more functional
Physiological factors that affect your balance and coordination for the 50+ adult include:
  1. Decrease muscle/sensory input
  2. Decrease cardiovascular capacity causing increased fatigue
  3. Decrease muscle mass and strength for postural support and movement
  4. Decrease bone density which can cause forward posture
  5. Lower peripheral blood flow that can cause decreased sensation to the extremities
  6. Orthostatic Hypo Tension - low blood pressure can lead to dizziness and loss of balance especially from sudden changes in posture
  7. Certain medications such as diuretics or hypertension medication can cause hypertension in the patient.
Don't let your coordination slip away from you; try the physioball as a tool to improve your balance and coordination today!


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